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Ranker+ JEE (Advanced) 2015

Ranker+ JEE (Advanced) 2015

Quick Overview

Online Study Material, Practice Tests and Mock Tests with step-by-step detailed solutions, glossary definition on mouse over, 3-step Revision Lists, 10 full-length mock-tests, 18 Subject level Mock-Tests: 6 Physics, 6 Mathematics, and 6 Chemistry, .
Rs. 6,000



CareerOrbits' Ranker+JEE (Advanced) 2015 is systematically designed for serious IIT aspirants who are driven by quest for success. The program lays a lot of emphasis on building conceptual and problem solving abilities.

This program is aimed at XIth going who are planning to appear in JEE-Advanced 2015 (IIT-JEE). The program is a full-fledged course for comprehensive online preparations sitting at home. Unbelievably, the program acts as your tutor, evaluator, guide and friend in need.

This program is a boon for girls and those who are not obsessed with coaching or cannot afford exorbitantly high fee of coaching. This program can be taken as supplementary preparation course for those who have already joined class room tutorials. It would effectively complement the gaps in their preparation for the ultimate test. If you are a drop year student, this would surely be a gateway to success due to flawless scheming of the program and rigorous practice, it provides.

This Program is a result of integrated efforts of best and the brightest IITians, researchers and faculty drawn from various top notch institutes. The Ranker+ offers over 10500+ questions with self-explanatory step-by-step answers, repeatedly checked and rechecked to deliver the most accurate knowledge and best ever experience to the students.

The program involves a regular practice. Since the program is accessed by means of internet, it is easy to use and can be adjusted in the timetable of students and requires no travelling.

Subjects Covered

The program covers all of the subjects strictly as per the prescribed syllabus:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics


  • Practice Tests: The program comprises 10500+ fully solved objective type questions offered to you by way of practice questions.  There are 3500+ questions in Chemistry, 3200+ questions in Mathematics, and 3600+ questions in Physics. The questions are divided into various difficulty levels for each chapter. You may choose or ignore any difficulty level for a chapter saving you a lot of time and efforts. 
  • Full Length Mock Tests: The program comes with 10 Full length Mock Tests in simulated test conditions.  Each mock test comes not only with instant evaluation and detailed analysis of the performance but also with step-by-step solutions to help you identify your mistakes and successively improve your rank.
  • Subject Mock Tests: The program is packed with 18 Subject level Mock-Tests: 6 Physics, 6 Mathematics, and 6 Chemistry, in simulated test conditions.  Each mock test comes not only with instant evaluation and detailed analysis of the performance but also with step-by-step solutions to help you identify your mistakes and successively improve your rank.
  • Study Notes: Easily understandable study notes with plenty of illustrations and access to the highlighted glossary terms on a mouse-over.  These study notes can be accessed anytime i.e. either before attempting the practice questions or after going through the solution.


  • Instant knowledge on Mouse-over: Simply roll the mouse over highlighted terms and concepts and the information quickly pops up on the screen, giving you an insight into that term or concept which you might not be able to recollect at that point of time. This saves you a lot of time and helps you focus on learning instead of searching for learning.
    • Instant knowledge in Study Notes
    • Instant knowledge in Detailed step-by-step solutions
  • 3 Steps Revision Lists:
    • While you undertake Practice Test, every question that you attempted wrongly gets automatically added to your Revision List-1.  Later, you may go to Revision List-1 and attempt those questions again.
    • After you successfully attempt questions in Revision List-1, these questions are added to Revision List-2, for yet another round of revision.
    • Having successfully attempted a question which is in Revision List-3, the question is removed from all the revision lists. This helps you prepare effectively for your test and train your brain for the ultimate success.
    • There's also a cooling period of 48 hours in every revision list to check on your memory retention. A question in a revision list is not available for attempting till the expiry of 48 hours from the moment it was added to that revision list.
  • Bookmarks List:  Any question which you have successfully attempted, can be bookmarked for revision later by clicking on the Bookmark button. These questions are available to you in Bookmark List, duly categorised chapter-wise. You have the option of removing any question from the Bookmark List. This helps you prepare a list of the questions which you would like to revise immediately before the real test, making you walk confidently into the examination centre.
  • Detailed Step-by-Step Solutions: Each and every question in the Practice test has been provided with detailed step-by-step solution and not just the answer-key and hint(s). Detailed step-by-step solutions enable a student to identify his mistakes and learn the tricks & steps for solving similar questions in real test conditions. At the same time, the student also develops the skills for successfully attempting descriptive or subjective type questions.
  • Personalised Settings: You don't need to practice all questions in a chapter.  If you have better grip over a chapter, you may skip any Difficulty Level questions by suitably tweaking the settings.
  • Latest Pattern: The entire set of practice questions and mock tests have been developed as per the latest pattern for JEE-Advanced.
  • Feedback / Doubts:  You can provide us valuable feedback as to the quality of the questions, the answer and the step by step solution. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with any aspect, you may send us your comments/doubts. This would help us consider your views & comments and improve the quality. Our faculty and experts would review the question and answers in the light of your comment. 
  • Practice all you want: More than 10500+ questions in all subjects, categorised chapter-wise and difficulty-wise, offering you lots and lots of practice.
  • Easy access to Tools: Log table, Anti-log table and other tools are available on the dashboard during practice test. Interactive Periodic Table. 
  • Latest Updates:
    • Full access to newly added and revised questions. New Questions are being added regularly.
    • Free and automatic upgrade to new syllabus.
  • Parental Supervision: Parents can keep themselves updated with the performance of the child on a continuing basis.  Access to the performance of the student is provided to parents of the student through an email link. The parents can access the performance of the student through this email link anytime.


What makes our program special, are the following advantages:

  • Instant knowledge
  • Higher Degree of Retention
  • Continuous Performance Evaluation
  • Performance Improvement
  • Developing Orientation for the ultimate test
  • Focus on Learning instead of searching for knowledge
  • Effective Time management
  • Preferred Time
  • Learning at your own pace
  • Reduced Cognitive Load
  • User Friendly interface
  • Lots and lots of Practice

System Requirements/Compatibility

  • Being an internet based application, our product is virtually usable on almost all electronic devices including iPhone, iPad and Tablet, desktop PCs, laptops etc.
  • A minimum 256 kbps data/internet connection over Wi-Fi or LAN.

Supported Browsers

  • Google Chrome (for best performance)
  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari

Additional Information

Short DescriptionOnline Study Material, Practice Tests and Mock Tests with step-by-step detailed solutions, glossary definition on mouse over, 3-step Revision Lists, 10 full-length mock-tests, 18 Subject level Mock-Tests: 6 Physics, 6 Mathematics, and 6 Chemistry, .
Program ValidityJun 30, 2015
SubjectsPhysics, Chemistry, Mathematics
Total Number of Practice Questions10500+
Types of QuestionsSingle Correct Type; Comprehension Type (Paragraph Type) Assertion Reasoning Type
No. of Full-length Mock-Tests 10
No. of Subject level Mock-Tests 18 Subject level Mock-Tests: 6 Physics, 6 Mathematics, and 6 Chemistry,
Study Notes
Hints and Key Formula(e)
Feedback / Doubts
Smart Analytics
Detailed Step-by-Step Solutions
Personalised Settings - Difficulty level
Linked Glossary
3 step Revision Lists
Bookmark List
Parental Access to Performance
Downloading ContentNo

Customer Reviews

Careerorbits, a definate YES
The features are great! The studies seem to be easier because of it! My son is good at studies, but I was worried if he would have been able to study in a batch of 50 students, but two months back i met someone from careerorbits and i fell in love with the product. So many questions, all question types, study notes, mock tests and above all the All India Percentile, simply made me buy it for Aarav. Comparing it with coaching fees it seems to be fairly less.
Review by Parent of an IIT aspirant
(Posted on 01/05/2014)
Marvellous course
Your team has done a marvellous job of putting together such a wonderful course. I managed to score 90%ile in jee main and advanced mock in my coaching centre. I was among the 3 in that batch to even crack 70% in the mock. Now i am on a whole other level. The solutions you put up on your website were really helpful and have played a very important role in my doing well. Thank You buddy.
pls. add other couses too
Review by Aishvarya Agrawal
(Posted on 01/05/2014)
Nice product
I am from Bangalore and I have taken CareerOrbits' Online Course for JEE Advanced Exam and it has proved very helpful in practicing questions and understand them with its detailed solutions. Its graphs tell me how much is still left to practice and gives me opportunity to re-attempt and improve my weak areas by vigorous practice. I will definitely pass JEE Advanced.
Review by Saket Mishra
(Posted on 01/05/2014)
Practice, Practice and Practice!!!
I had bought CareerOrbits Online Course for JEE Main and Advanced. I am so happy and I am thanking you for helping me in cracking IIT JEE 2013 Exam. Regular practice and tests helped me identify my mistakes and weaknesses and also helped me build confidence for the final exam.
Review by Nishant Bharadwaj
(Posted on 01/05/2014)
a birthday gift... a spl gift
Wow! I just got my Ranker+ JEE (Adv.) 2014 :) As as a birthday gift. So thoughtful of my brother to buy it for me, (although he used my dad’s debit card for this. Thank you CareerOrbits, and a much bigger thanks to my brother for such a thoughtful gift :)
Review by Dipika Patel
(Posted on 16/04/2014)
Its Good
Its a good program to own for the preparation of JEE Advanced.
Review by Akshay Dubey
(Posted on 07/02/2014)
Bookmarking Questions-Coolest thing
I think the coolest thing about CareerOrbits Ranker+ JEE (Main) is the bookmarking lists! I can bookmark any smart question for revising later even if I had it attempted correctly. Of course, the wrong questions are added to my Revision Lists. I am in complete command of my preparations.
Review by Gavneet Singh
(Posted on 21/01/2014)
It is like a real guide in many ways
Hi, myself Jess from Jaipur. I always hesitated asking questions in the classroom, in front of my friends. I even hesitated clearing my doubts after the class. CareerOrbits Ranker came to rescue me from my miseries. It is an intelligent software program that behaves like a real guide in many ways. One such thing being when it makes me understand a problem step-by-step, following logical steps in each problem. And the way I can choose difficulty levels, and improve my performance levels from one level to another and .. to the top! I am indebted to the people at CareerOrbits who have understood a student’s needs so closely and put all the understanding in a product that’s excellent in every way!
Review by Jess
(Posted on 11/11/2013)
Simply Awesome!!
Unseen b4!! Such a gr8 program!!! Thanks God, I didn't waste my time and hordes of parents hard earned money in coaching! I am ahead of all my folks in all subjects!!
Review by Neelmani Ramchandani
(Posted on 11/08/2013)
Good to Buy
Money is utilized fully.
Review by Bulbul Gulati
(Posted on 17/05/2013)
Very good product you should own it.
Review by Chinmay
(Posted on 12/05/2013)
Expert Advice
Being at an IIT is not just my dream. It is my only option in life. With two of my elder brothers already IIT passouts and working with the most desired IT firms in the world, I cannot settle for anything less than IITs. Both of them have been really helpful to me. They purchased for me CareerOrbits Ranker+ JEE (Advanced) when they came to India last month. And they told me to spend more time on it than my institute. I am sure after so many years of experience, they know what they are talking about.
Review by Mahinder Srivastava
(Posted on 06/04/2013)